Tenpin Bowling Australia (TBA) is thrilled to announce a new partnership with the digital transformation platform – StrikeNet, to further strengthen support for centre-owner operators across the national portfolio.

StrikeNet is a game-changing internet ecosystem exclusively designed for the bowling industry.

Created by connectivity leaders Flexfibre, in collaboration with the International Bowling Federation (IBF), StrikeNet offers consistent, superfast, prioritised connectivity for everyone involved in the sport worldwide. It draws on Flexfibre’s global network, with 5,800 suppliers providing bespoke connectivity solutions in more than 200 countries, including the most remote regions.

With the aim to power the digital transformation of the bowling industry, StrikeNet’s platform brings together wireless technology and location-based services that enable the bowling industry to elevate the bowling experience and proactively engage and delight its full range of audiences.

StrikeNet Founder Max Jones believes the partnership has a world of benefits for the registered centres who decide to take advantage of the service to create new possibilities for their customers.

“We are excited to partner with Tenpin Bowling Australia to offer our services and expertise to the registered centre portfolio around the country,” said Jones.

“The network infrastructure is custom designed to provide the high levels of performance the bowling industry will need to push new boundaries, champion the sport and power its mission to connect the world with the greatness of bowling.

“We are thrilled to be aligned and share TBA’s vision to help provide a thriving tenpin bowling industry that engages and connects communities who play the sport” added Jones.

Utilising the StrikeNet platform with high performing connectivity will allow centres to gain several capabilities to increase connection and better serve their customers.

Some of the many benefits include access to next-generation wireless LAN & WAN, a cloud-converged OTT media network, peace of mind through 24/7 support and the ability to deliver relevant personalised messages to customers.

“Technology infrastructure and digital capability of sporting venues is a critical element that requires the attention of a lot of centres across the country,” said TBA Chief Operating Officer, Damien Smith.

“Customers expect access to the internet when visiting places away from their homes and to be aware of relevant information/deals while in venues.

“Implementing StrikeNet’s product and services will see registered centres better equipped to handle the ever-changing customer needs, demands and preferences at every moment” added Smith.

StrikeNet means fast, clean, safe, and consistent connectivity every time, everywhere.