IBF confirms the nominations received for IBF President and Vice President

Lausanne, Switzerland, 10 May 2022: The International Bowling Federation (IBF) can now confirm the nominations received by the deadline of 8 MAY (1800 CET) for the following positions to be elected at the Extraordinary General Meeting scheduled to take place in Lausanne, Switzerland, on 24 and 25 May 2022, upon acceptance of proposed amendments to the IBF articles of association:

For the position of IBF President:

  • H.E. Sheikh Talal Mohammad Al-Sabah, Kuwait, nominated by Asian Bowling Federation
  • Martin Faba, Costa Rica, nominated by PanAm Bowling Federation
  • Ulf Sjöblom, Sweden, nominated by Sweden Bowling Federation

For the position of IBF Vice President:

  • Jerome Joseph, Australia, nominated by Tenpin Bowling Australia
  • Marios Nicolaides, Cyprus, nominated by Cyprus Bowling Federation
  • Mike Seymour, Australia, nominated by Oceania Bowling Federation
  • Ulf Sjöblom, Sweden, nominated by Sweden Bowling Federation


In accordance with the application request, the nominations will now be submitted for verification and validation.


The Extraordinary General Meeting is to vote on proposed key governance focused amendments to the articles of association. The proposals focus on the removal of any and all conflicts of interest and the strong governance of an executive committee and organisation.

Proposals include a reduction from 12 to eight voting executive members.

The proposed new structure of the IBF Executive Committee voting members is:

  1. President – Elected by General Meeting
  2. Vice President – Elected by General Meeting
  3. Europe Representative – Appointed by Europe through election process
  4. PanAm Representative – Appointed by PanAm through election process
  5. Asia Representative – Appointed by Asia through election process
  6. Oceania Representative – Appointed by Oceania through election process
  7. Africa Representative – Appointed by Africa through election process
  8. Athlete Representative – Appointed by Athletes Committee through election process

The age limit for IBF Committee Members is proposed to be set at 70 with a one-time extension term of office for a maximum of four years beyond the age limit of 70 to be granted by the IBF General Meeting Session upon recommendation of the IBF Committee.

Upon acceptance of the necessary proposals, calls for the election of IBF President and IBF Vice President at the extraordinary General Meeting will commence.