IBF announces exclusive global internet ecosystem

LAUSANNE, Switzerland November 3rd, 2021 – The International Bowling Federation (IBF) and Flexfibre, a boutique global internet and network service provider, have just unveiled a bold next step in unlocking the sport of bowling on a world stage.

Strikenet is a world first: an internet ecosystem exclusively for the bowling industry, offering consistent, superfast, prioritised connectivity for everyone involved in the sport worldwide. It draws on Flexfibre’s global network, with 5,800 suppliers providing bespoke connectivity solutions in more than 200 countries, including the most remote regions.

StrikeNet brings the connectivity needed to drive StrikeCloud, the IBF’s new digital transformation initiative, which is deploying a wealth of smart tech to reimagine the bowling experience for players and fans through new, content-rich interactions.

With StrikeNet the IBF has secured the level of performance and consistency needed to attract, engage and delight every kind of audience that uses StrikeCloud. But it’s also a package designed around the everyday needs of the world’s 12,800  bowling venues, helping overcome headaches such as dealing with legacy systems and awkward physical spaces.

StrikeNet users can look forward to a compelling range of future-proof benefits, including next-generation wireless LAN & WAN, a cloud-converged OTT media network, and not least, peace of mind through 24/7 support.

Chris Neilson, Innovation & Business Development Director of IBF said: “As our digital transformation gathers pace, it’s critical that we have a high level of connectivity across the globe —to enable our unifying mission for the sport, while also supporting digital transformation on the ground for everyone with a stake in the bowling industry.”

Neil Lonergan, CTO of Flexfibre says: “From the start we’ve been inspired by the IBF’s ambition to connect one of the world’s largest grassroots sporting movements and create the bowling centres of the future. With StrikeNet we’re thrilled to be playing a part in the mission, channelling Flexfibre’s capabilities towards a more connected, inclusive and engaged worldwide bowling community.”

Andrew Oram, CEO of IBF said: “StrikeNet is the bespoke solution we’ll need to deliver across challenging and diverse environments, enabling us to champion the sport for players and fans at all levels. This is a key step in the roll-out of our digital transformation and we’re delighted to have Flexfibre as a partner on the journey.”

About FlexFibre

Flexfibre is a bespoke provider of internet and network services worldwide. Although boutique in the scale of its team, Flexfibre brings together some 5,800 suppliers and connectivity providers worldwide, giving the capability to provide tailored internet solutions for clients in more than 200 countries, across every region of the planet.

Flexfibre’s platform is cloud and security optimized, with a global private backbone delivering resilient internet connectivity anywhere in the world. Flexfibre uses the latest Software Defined Networking and SASE technology to enable secure, intelligent network connectivity that can be provisioned and scaled in near real time.

Flexfibre was founded by Max Jones and Neil Lonergan, who now form part of a tightly knit team of friends and business partners from Melbourne to London. It’s a way of working that epitomises the potential Flexfibre is steadily unlocking for ambitious clients everywhere.