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IBF Under 21 World Championship 2022

June 20, 2022 - June 29, 2022







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Tournament Information

The Under 21 World Championships will see a return to Europe for International Events since the start of the global pandemic.

Olympia Bowling plays host in the wonderful city of Helsingborg.

Helsingborg is one of the oldest cities of what is now Sweden. It has been the site of permanent settlement officially since 21 May 1085.[5] Helsingborg’s geographical position at the narrowest part of Øresund made it very important for Denmark, at that time controlling both sides of that strait. From 1429 Eric of Pomerania introduced the Sound Dues, a levy on all trading vessels passing through the sound between Helsingør and Helsingborg. This was one of the main sources of income for the Danish Crown. Crossing traffic, like fishermen, were not subject to the tax, which was initially directed against the Hanseatic League.

The IBFU21WC competition will start on June 21st and end on June 29th 2022.

• Official practice day is June 20th 2022.

• Unofficial practice day is June 19th 2022.

• Last arrival date is June 19th 2022. Arrivals after this date will not be able to attend Official practice.

• Official departure is June 30th 2022.

The registration cut off for the IBF U21 World Championships is April 30th 2022 at 1800 Central European Time. NO REGISTRATIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED AFTER THIS DATE.

In order to be eligible to compete in the IBF Under 21 Championship, a player must be under 21 years of age on the 31 December 2021.

What this means is if you are 21 years of age on 31 December 21 you cannot participate in these championships. If you are 21 years of age on January 1st 2022, you can participate in these championships.

The model of the IBF U21 World Championships is back to the more traditional process whereby the event is hosted and organised by the Swedish Bowling Federation, Olympia Bowling (the venue for the Championships) and the city of Helsingborg.

All hotels will be managed with the local federation and details will be made available to all members in the next weeks.

Registrations for participation of the Championships will be conducted through Gameday and the price per athlete is $250 USD.

The link for registration is IBF U21 World Championships 2022 – GameDay (mygameday.app)

A dedicated email address for the event will be set up, namely IBFU21WC@ibf.sport

The event is open for all member federations to send four male and four female athletes to participate in categories:

• Singles (Four athletes)
• Doubles (Two Doubles)
• Team (One Team)
• Mixed Team (Two Teams)

Hotel and travel information

Closest international airport is Copenhagen (CPH). Transportation will be offered for teams arriving on June 18th & 19th.

Teams have the following hotels to choose from. Three hotels within walking distance to the bowling centre and one within 10 minutes bus ride to the centre (transportation included).

Reservations and payment are made directly to the chosen hotel.

Walking distance:

Elite Hotel Mollberg (from approx. €125/night)
World Junior Championships Bowling, Competitors- Elite Hotel Mollberg, Helsingborg

Elite Hotel Marina Plaza (from approx. €125/night)
World Junior Championships Bowling, Competitors- Elite Hotel Marina Plaza, Helsingborg

Scandic Oceanhamnen (from approx. €145/night)

World Junior Championships Bowling, Competitors- Scandic Oceanhamnen, Helsingborg
Booking code: BVMB190622

Bus distance:
Scandic Helsingborg Nord (from approx. €92/night)

World Junior Championships Bowling, Competitors- Scandic, Helsingborg North
Booking code: BBOW190622

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Practice Draw

Download (PDF)

Country Practice Women 1 Players Women 1 Starting Lane
Iceland 1 4 7-8
Korea 1 4 9-10
Malaysia 1 4 11-12
Mexico 1 4 13-14
Netherlands 1 2 15-16
New Zealand 1 4 17-18
Philippines 1 4 19-20
Total 7 26

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Country Practice Women 2 Players Women 2 Starting Lane
Colombia 2 4 7-8
Czech Republic 2 4 9-10
England 2 4 11-12
Finland 2 4 13-14
Poland 2 2 15
Puerto Rico 2 4 17-18
Scotland 2 4 19-20
Slovenia 2 2 16
Total 16 28

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Country Practice Women 3 Players Women 3 Starting Lane
Australia 3 4 5-6
Austria 3 4 7-8
Canada 3 4 9-10
France 3 2 11
Germany 3 2 12
Singapore 3 4 13-14
Sweden 3 4 15-16
Thailand 3 4 17-18
USA 3 4 19-20
Total 27 32

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Country Practice Men 1 Players Men 1 Starting Lane
Australia 1 4 3-4
Austria 1 4 5-6
Czech Republic 1 4 7-8
Finland 1 4 9-10
Iceland 1 4 11-12
Malaysia 1 4 13-14
Mexico 1 4 15-16
New Zealand 1 4 17-18
Philippines 1 4 19-20
Total 9 36

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Country Practice Men 2 Players Men 2 Starting Lane
Colombia 2 4 3-4
Netherlands 2 4 5-6
Poland 2 4 7-8
Puerto Rico 2 4 9-10
Scotland 2 4 11-12
Singapore 2 4 13-14
Sweden 2 4 15-16
Thailand 2 4 17-18
USA 2 4 19-20
Total 18 36

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Country Practice Men 3 Players Men 3 Starting Lane
Canada 3 4 5-6
England 3 4 7-8
France 3 4 9-10
Germany 3 4 11-12
Korea 3 4 13-14
Qatar 3 4 15-16
Saudi Arabia 3 4 17-18
UAE 3 4 19-20
Total 24 32

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Country Practice Men 4 Players Men 4 Starting Lane
Costa Rica 4 4 5-6
Estonia 4 4 7-8
Ireland 4 2 9
Kuwait 4 4 11-12
Latvia 4 4 13-14
Malta 4 4 15-16
Norway 4 4 17-18
Peru 4 4 19-20
Slovenia 4 2 10
Total 36 32

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Official Practice Schedule

Squad Time
Women Squad 1 09:30 – 10:30
Lane Maintenance 10:30 – 11:15
Women Squad 2 11:15 – 12:15
Lane Maintenance 12:15 – 13:00
Women Squad 3 13:00 – 14:00
Lane Maintenance 14:00 – 14:45
Men Squad 1 14:45 – 15:45
Lane Maintenance 15:45 – 16:30
Men Squad 2 16:30 – 17:30
Lane Maintenance 17:30 – 18:15
Men Squad 3 18:15 – 19:15
Lane Maintenance 19:15 – 20:00
Men Squad 4 20:00 – 21:00

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List of Participants

Download (PDF)

Country First name Last name Category Gender
Australia Emily Bottomley Athlete Female
Australia Hannah Clark Athlete Female
Australia Ashlyn Mohr Athlete Female
Australia Sarah Pennicott Athlete Female
Australia Nixon Chan Athlete Male
Australia Bernie Grueso Jnr Athlete Male
Australia Jamie Robinson Athlete Male
Australia Cameron Stein Athlete Male
Austria Tabea Schlögl Athlete Female
Austria Stefanie Stranner Athlete Female
Austria Angelina Strobl Athlete Female
Austria Melissa Strobl Athlete Female
Austria Eric Gogala Athlete Male
Austria Fabian Gross Athlete Male
Austria Klemens Sava Athlete Male
Austria Noah Wilfinger Athlete Male
Canada Sarah Chilvers Athlete Female
Canada Caroline Holowenko Athlete Female
Canada Morgan Pelkie Athlete Female
Canada Mei Yen-Lachapelle Athlete Female
Canada Nicholas Blagojevic Athlete Male
Canada Mathis Blanchette Athlete Male
Canada Jacob Imoo Athlete Male
Canada Adam Jodoin Athlete Male
Colombia Sarah Duque Athlete Female
Colombia Catalina Gomez Athlete Female
Colombia Daniela Gonzalez Athlete Female
Colombia Mariana Santos Athlete Female
Colombia Samuel Calderon Athlete Male
Colombia Gabriel Diaz Athlete Male
Colombia Zamir Jaimes Athlete Male
Colombia Juan Jose Rincon Athlete Male
Costa Rica Adrián Berglund Athlete Male
Costa Rica Mateo Gordienko Athlete Male
Costa Rica Andrés Torres Athlete Male
Costa Rica Antonio Trejos Athlete Male
Czech Lucie HRAZDÍROVÁ Athlete Female
Czech Eliška KRUMMEROVÁ Athlete Female
Czech Andrea MAZALOVÁ Athlete Female
Czech Markéta VOJTĚCHOVÁ Athlete Female
Czech Lukáš JELÍNEK Athlete Male
Czech Tomáš LIEBICH Athlete Male
Czech Daniel SEIDL Athlete Male
Czech Matěj VOJKOVSKÝ Athlete Male
England Isabel Allen Athlete Female
England Hannah Alles Athlete Female
England Rhian Dobinson Athlete Female
England Nicole Ediker Athlete Female
England Jack Blyth Athlete Male
England George Jagger Athlete Male
England Alex McCarthy Athlete Male
England Austin Taylor Athlete Male
Estonia Siim Henrik Saar Athlete Male
Estonia Kristofer Saarm Athlete Male
Estonia Caspar Vaerand Athlete Male
Estonia Oskar Vares Athlete Male
Finland Peppi Konsteri Athlete Female
Finland Pinja Laukkanen Athlete Female
Finland Mila Nevalainen Athlete Female
Finland Roosa Pusa Athlete Female
Finland Jesse Ahokas Athlete Male
Finland Lenni Juutilainen Athlete Male
Finland Rami Mukkula Athlete Male
Finland Pyry Puharinen Athlete Male
France Emma Friant Athlete Female
France Manon Grandsire Athlete Female
France Loick Coolen Athlete Male
France Enzo Franco Athlete Male
France Maxime Lambel Athlete Male
France Galaad Navarro Athlete Male
Germany Franziska Czech Athlete Female
Germany Pauline Krause Athlete Female
Germany Florian Hladky Athlete Male
Germany Maris Materne Athlete Male
Germany Paul-Sullivan Purps Athlete Male
Germany Patrick Weichert Athlete Male
Iceland Málfríður Jóna Freysdóttir Athlete Female
Iceland Elva Rós Hannesdóttir Athlete Female
Iceland Alexandra Kristjánsdóttir Athlete Female
Iceland Hafdís Eva Pétursdóttir Athlete Female
Iceland Jóhann Ársæll Atlason Athlete Male
Iceland Hinrik Óli Gunnarsson Athlete Male
Iceland Ísak Birkir Sævarsson Athlete Male
Iceland Mikael Aron Vilhelmsson Athlete Male
Ireland Dean Fagan Athlete Male
Ireland Conor Fetherston Athlete Male
Korea Minhee Kim Athlete Female
Korea Yeji Seo Athlete Female
Korea Dahyeon Shin Athlete Female
Korea Eunseo Shin Athlete Female
Korea Junghun Bae Athlete Male
Korea Geun Ji Athlete Male
Korea Seungmin Lim Athlete Male
Korea Daehee Park Athlete Male
Kuwait Nasser Alkandari Athlete Male
Kuwait Abdulaziz Almesbah Athlete Male
Kuwait Hussain Mohammad Athlete Male
Kuwait Faisal Saleem Athlete Male
Latvia Jurijs Bokums Athlete Male
Latvia Artemijs Hudjakovs Athlete Male
Latvia Sergejs Kiselovs Athlete Male
Latvia Rihards Kovalenko Athlete Male
Malaysia Cara Wai Theng Loh Athlete Female
Malaysia Nurul Anis Nabila binti Mohd Nizam Athlete Female
Malaysia Anis Hannani binti Romzi Athlete Female
Malaysia Alyaa Addini binti Zulamri Athlete Female
Malaysia Ahmad Azriq bin Izamudin Athlete Male
Malaysia Megat Zaqrul Haiqal bin Megat Zairudin Athlete Male
Malaysia Shaqeem Izwan Teh bin Shahrul Hafiz Teh Athlete Male
Malaysia Airel Amri bin Suhaimi Athlete Male
Malta Kaden Lagana Athlete Male
Malta Matthew Magro Athlete Male
Malta Nicholas Muscat Athlete Male
Malta Miguel Xuereb Athlete Male
Mexico Diana Gabriela Ochoa Hubbard Athlete Female
Mexico Andrea Carolina Perez Perez Athlete Female
Mexico Maryan Elizenda Chapa Ramirez Athlete Female
Mexico Airam Fuentes Ramos Athlete Female
Mexico Dante Romero Nava Athlete Male
Mexico Carlos Ivan Alphand Sanchez Athlete Male
Mexico Edgar Ilhan Horta Tapia Athlete Male
Mexico Santiago Moreno Torres Athlete Male
Netherlands Beaudine Kriele Athlete Female
Netherlands Beejée Westerdijk Athlete Female
Netherlands Mathijs Beverdam Athlete Male
Netherlands Brent de Ruiter Athlete Male
Netherlands Kenneth Ramos Athlete Male
Netherlands Vincent Vluggen Athlete Male
New Zealand Paige Knox Athlete Female
New Zealand Cindy Lister Athlete Female
New Zealand Melissa Moore Athlete Female
New Zealand Clare Sahayam Athlete Female
New Zealand Osiris Cave Athlete Male
New Zealand Connor Frith Athlete Male
New Zealand Ryan Julian Athlete Male
New Zealand Ben Pettit Athlete Male
Norway Viktor Brentebråten Mortensen Athlete Male
Norway Halvar Hagen Nilsen Athlete Male
Norway Anders Johansen Athlete Male
Norway Saner Kastås-Lindstad Athlete Male
Peru Diego Hiroshi Ahane Barrios Athlete Male
Peru Daiki Alejandro Eda Kiyabu Athlete Male
Peru Naoki Fernando Eda Tsuyama Athlete Male
Peru Paul Mitsuhide Higashiona Azama Athlete Male
Philippines Jelena Grace Gella Athlete Female
Philippines Danielle Denise Lazo Athlete Female
Philippines Norel                                 Nuevo Athlete Female
Philippines Alyssa Louise Ty Athlete Female
Philippines Marc Dylan Custodio Athlete Male
Philippines Jordan Matthew Dinham-Alcantara Athlete Male
Philippines Stephen Luke Diwa Athlete Male
Philippines Danielle Robert Evangelista Athlete Male
Poland Anna Kiedrowska Athlete Female
Poland Sandra Walczak Athlete Female
Poland Patryk Antosiak Athlete Male
Poland Dominik Chomicz Athlete Male
Poland Mikolaj Czarnecki Athlete Male
Poland Aleks Szczepaniak Athlete Male
Puerto Rico Pamela Pérez Athlete Female
Puerto Rico Zoriani Reyes Athlete Female
Puerto Rico Itzel Salayet Athlete Female
Puerto Rico Sarah Sanes Athlete Female
Puerto Rico Edgar Jeriel Burgos Athlete Male
Puerto Rico Jesús Colón Athlete Male
Puerto Rico Pedro Irizarry Athlete Male
Puerto Rico Javier Muñiz Athlete Male
Qatar Hassan Al-Muraikhi Athlete Male
Qatar Hazeem Al-Muraikhi Athlete Male
Qatar Sultan Al-Qatan Athlete Male
Qatar Bader Al-Sada Athlete Male
Saudi Arabia Ahmed Abualreesh Athlete Male
Saudi Arabia Mohammed Abulreesh Athlete Male
Saudi Arabia Ziyad Altuwayrib Athlete Male
Saudi Arabia Bandar Alyabah Athlete Male
Scotland Amy Addison Athlete Female
Scotland Melissa Ainslie Athlete Female
Scotland Rachael Buchanan Athlete Female
Scotland Kelsi Cuthbert Athlete Female
Scotland Callum Carver Athlete Male
Scotland Euan Coote Athlete Male
Scotland Marc Shields Athlete Male
Scotland Chris Thomson-Nairne Athlete Male
Singapore Quek Lu Yi Athlete Female
Singapore Colleen Pee Athlete Female
Singapore Arianne Tay Athlete Female
Singapore Ning Tay Athlete Female
Singapore Joyan Khoo Athlete Male
Singapore Mike Ong Athlete Male
Singapore Ryan Toh Athlete Male
Singapore Eugene Yeo Athlete Male
Slovenia Alja Bergauer Athlete Female
Slovenia Eva Krafogel Athlete Female
Slovenia Jakob Marcel Del Piero Athlete Male
Slovenia Zan Haramina Athlete Male
Sweden Hanna Engberg Athlete Female
Sweden Ottilia Gunnarsson Athlete Female
Sweden Emma Halttunen Athlete Female
Sweden Nora Johansson Athlete Female
Sweden William Berggren Athlete Male
Sweden Oliver Dahlgren Athlete Male
Sweden Carl Eklund Athlete Male
Sweden Robin Ilhammar Athlete Male
Thailand Thitikarn Chanted Athlete Female
Thailand Phattaranan Pingchittapraphai Athlete Female
Thailand Ramita Sarntong Athlete Female
Thailand Thanakorn Wutti Athlete Female
Thailand Charn Areekul Athlete Male
Thailand Putana Buspanikonkul Athlete Male
Thailand Chanathip Prempree Athlete Male
Thailand Nutavut Rasisetkun Athlete Male
UAE Ali Al Hosani Athlete Male
UAE Hamad Al Khyeli Athlete Male
UAE Majid Ali Al Maazmi Athlete Male
UAE Mohamed Al Shawkari Athlete Male
USA Mabel Cummins Athlete Female
USA Jillian Martin Athlete Female
USA Paige Peters Athlete Female
USA Victoria Varano Athlete Female
USA Tyrell Ingalls Athlete Male
USA Alec Keplinger Athlete Male
USA Spencer Robarge Athlete Male
USA Julian Salinas Athlete Male

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June 20, 2022
June 29, 2022
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