COVID-19 Protocols

International participation procedures

The concrete actions to be implemented for an optimal organization of competitions should be considered according to the national health regulations in force in the country of the event.

International Events are required to create and maintain a protective “Bubble” around their Participants/Teams.

All participants/teams should arrive minimum 3 days before the event, to ensure that if any active case reached the country to be dealt with in accordance with current protocol before the start of the event.

Each team will have to follow strict rules when not taking part in the event. This includes: eating in exclusive in-hotel restaurant for breakfast and dinner, not allowing guest visitation & not allowing visiting public areas for recreational activity


There will be an appointment of a COVID-19 Coordinator for the Event

The COVID-19 Coordinator is the link between the event organizer and DHA.

IBF shall ensure that the accommodation where teams are staying is adequate to maintain a “life bubble” around each participant/team.

The accommodation arrangements shall enable distancing between participants/teams with measures such as grouping each team on a single floor (or a wing of the hotel) and a reserved and independent dining room, whenever possible. The event organizer must inform each hotel of the required preventive measures (room cleaning, physical distancing, hand washing, wearing a mask during service, etc.).

IBF shall ensure the prior management of suspected COVID-19 cases

The event organizer shall consider arranging rooms (if possible a single room per team) known as “isolation” to be used by anyone presenting symptoms suggestive of COVID-19, before referral to the DHA

Inform the participants/teams of the requirements and/or recommendations in terms of prevention procedures within their group (staff and Athletes)

These measures may include personal protection, cleaning of technical equipment, cleaning and disinfection of commonly touched surfaces in the vehicle buses, etc.

Before the events

Pre-Event health checks

These health checks shall be undertaken for all members of the team (officials and Athletes ) and should be completed 48 hours prior to travelling to the Event.

On Arrival

All members of the delegate will need to have (PCR) test in Dubai airports as per Dubai government guidelines for International flight arrival, teams have to remain in the hotel until the test results are received, if the result is:

Negative: team members are allowed to continue their procedures in terms of clearance from Covid-19 to allow registration in the event.

Positive: Team members will be quarantined and will be dealt with in accordance to the Government Protocol, and will not be allowed to participate in the event until fully recovered with a Negative test result.

Athletes, officials, entourages and staff should present a 48 hours valid negative PCR test in order for them to participate in the tournament or training camps.

A team member’s participation in the event shall only be authorized if the 2 tests have been received and are confirmed as negative prior to the event. Teams shall be entirely responsible for compliance with this rule regarding staff members.

If any athletes come back with a positive test then they should not be permitted to participate. As per the latest guidelines, all close contacts with a confirmed positive case, must quarantine for 14 days regardless their negative PCR tests.



The requirements below apply to any team member whether present from the beginning of the event or joining during the event.

Complete health checks daily during stay in Dubai.

Have a first viral test for (PCR type) 3 days before the event. If this diagnostic test is negative, a second viral test will be carried out no more than 48 hours before the Event.

A team member’s participation in the Event shall only be authorized if the results of these 2 viral tests have been received and are confirmed as negative prior to the Event.

These tests are the responsibility of the organizer/teams, both in terms of logistics and costs.

Coordination with the local health authorities (DHA, hospitals)

The Event medical service provider must contact the local hospital and/or emergency medical services to inform them of the Event, and ensure they have the capacity to handle trauma patients during the pandemic.

Before the event

Identifying a physician in charge of COVID-19 suspected cases (COVID doctor)

In coordination with local health service provider and/or in accordance with applicable rules, this doctor shall be responsible for managing any clinical suspicion of COVID-19. The COVID doctor must:

Provide a face mask to anyone who is sick or has suspicious symptoms;


Comply with applicable rules regarding mandatory protective equipment for medical personnel when dealing with COVID-19 suspected patients (mask, gloves, visor or protective glasses, coveralls).

On Event Days

Limit access to the Field area as much as possible. Only allow access to essential people, with compulsory face masks (1 to 2 people per team, a few photographers), and everyone with a compulsory face mask.

Organize COVID-19 diagnostic tests;

For Events of more than 5 days, the Event organizer shall be responsible for providing the infrastructure and/or logistical support for diagnostic tests to be carried out for all team members at least every 5 days (with a recommendation for tests to be carried out on rest days.

In case of a positive test returned during the event, the event organizer shall carry out a follow-up test with a view to establishing if the person concerned is likely to infect third persons or not.

These tests are the responsibility of the Event organizer, both in terms of logistics and costs

Management of a suspected COVID-19 case;

All persons involved in the event are requested to signal any suspicion of COVID-19 immediately to the Event medical services.

the event medical services will contact the DHA / Hospitals  manage the follow-up with the suspect patient.

The management of clinical cases will carried out in agreement with the local or any health services approved by the government.

The determination of the persons who shall be quarantined shall be the competence of the DHA, as the case may be according to national guidelines

Decision-making after confirmation of a COVID-19 case.

If there was one confirmed case to one bubble, it will be mandatory for the Event Organizer to redo PCR test for the close contacts, they will be quarantined in accordance with the Government Protocols and decisions will be:

If Team members have Negative results: they can proceed with the event.

If Team members have Positive results: the event organizers needs to either disqualify the team from participating in the event or postpone the event in case the team participation will affect the event.

Adjustment of the awards ceremony:

  • Restrict the number of athletes to receive prizes at one time
  • Require winners, and any other person involved, to wear a mask during the ceremony
  • Place the podium blocks 2m apart
  • Create 2m pre-podium boxes in which winners can wait their turn to stand on the podium
  • Create a self-serve option where winners can collect their medals after hand sanitizing
  • Request winners not to touch each other during the podium ceremony
  • Limit the number of photographers.
  • Limit the size of the crowd, respecting social distancing
  • Create a one-way traffic plan for pedestrian traffic into this area.

Isolation Zones

Mandatory Isolation Zones provisioned to host suspected cases until transition to Dubai Health Authority [“DHA”] for further checks wherever applicable.